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How to use the Graphing Calculator


Step 1

Enter your math problem in the input field.


Step 2

Press Enter on the keyboard or on the arrow to the right of the input field.


Step 3

In the pop-up window, select the needed operation. You can also use the search.

What is Graphing Calculator

We bring to your attention a service for drawing function charts online. Use the left column to enter functions. You can enter it manually or using the virtual keyboard at the bottom of the window. To enlarge the window with the graph, you can hide both the left column and the virtual keyboard. To build a graph of a function online, you just need to enter your function in a special field and click somewhere outside it. After that, the graph of the entered function will be drawn automatically.

Function graphs are the set of all points representing the geometric appearance of a function; moreover, x is any point from the domain of the function, and all y are points equal to the corresponding values of the function. In other words, the graph of the function y = f (x) is the set of all points whose abscissas and ordinates correspond to the equation y = f (x).

It is impossible to display the graph of a function absolutely accurately in most cases, since there are infinitely many points, it is difficult to find all points of the graph of a function. In such cases, a rough graph of the function can be plotted. The more points are taken into account, the more accurate the graph.

This service was created to help schoolchildren and students in the study of mathematics (algebra and geometry) and physics and is intended for online graphing of functions (conventional and parametric) and graphs by points (graphs by values), as well as graphs of functions in a polar coordinate system. The most convenient service where you can build an interactive function graph online. Due to this, the graph can be scaled, as well as moved along the coordinate plane, which will allow you not only to get a general idea of the construction of this graph, but also to study in more detail the behavior of the function graph in the sections.