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Use our simple online Square Root Calculator to solve Square Root with step-by-step explanation.

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How to use the Square Root Calculator


Step 1

Enter your Square Root problem in the input field.


Step 2

Press Enter on the keyboard or on the arrow to the right of the input field.


Step 3

In the pop-up window, select the needed operation. You can also use the search.

What is Square Root

Surely in everyday life you have encountered such a situation that you needed to extract the root of a number or perform several other mathematical actions in order to make financial calculations, for example, when calculating the profitability of a deposit in a bank or how suitable a mortgage loan is under the conditions, but at hand at that time there was no ordinary electronic calculator or special program? In this case, this convenient and easy-to-use online root calculator will be indispensable for you.

On our site there is an online root calculator. You can calculate the mathematical root of any number. Here you can calculate the square, cubic and root of any other degree (including fractional degrees!). There are no restrictions on numbers either, they also support fractions. Enjoy your calculation! This site will help out schoolchildren, college students, and individuals looking for a reliable square root tool online. At school, this topic is studied in passing, but in life it is sometimes required to complete the fastest and absolutely correct math task.

The online root calculator will help you calculate the root of any power and give a detailed solution for both arithmetic and algebraic roots. Also, this calculator simplifies the root and gives a detailed solution for even roots of a negative number. To extract the root, enter two numbers - the base (from which the root is extracted) and the degree. The online root calculator will extract the root. The degree can be either positive or negative. The number from which to extract the root must be greater than zero.

Extracting the square root on a calculator is a convenient, affordable, fast and accurate operation. An online root calculator with a solution on the site will show any value from the number you specified. Take advantage of the simple opportunity to quickly calculate values from any positive numbers. Use this calculator to find the roots of positive real numbers. The program will help you find both square and cube roots, and roots of any other degrees online.