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Use our simple online Vector Calculator to solve Vectors with step-by-step explanation.

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How to use the Vectors Calculator


Step 1

Enter your Vector problem in the input field.


Step 2

Press Enter on the keyboard or on the arrow to the right of the input field.


Step 3

In the pop-up window, select the needed operation. You can also use the search.

What are Vectors

A vector (from Latin vector, “bearing”) is in the simplest case a mathematical object characterized by magnitude and direction. For example, in geometry and in the natural sciences, a vector is a directed segment of a line in Euclidean space (or on a plane).

Another definition can be given. A function is a specific action on a variable. This means that we take the value of x, do a certain action with it (for example, square it or calculate its logarithm) - and we get the value of y.

Examples: radius vector, speed, moment of force. If a coordinate system is specified in space, then the vector is uniquely determined by the set of its coordinates. Therefore, in mathematics, computer science, and other sciences, an ordered set of numbers is also often called a vector. In a more general sense, a vector in mathematics is considered as an element of some vector (linear) space.

It is one of the fundamental concepts of linear algebra. Using the most general definition, vectors turn out to be practically all objects studied in linear algebra, including matrices, tensors, however, if these objects are present in the surrounding context, a vector is understood to mean a row vector or column vector, a tensor of the first rank, respectively. The properties of operations on vectors are studied in vector calculus.